What is BLEU

BLEU is a modern twist on the family heirloom!

The Jetter and Vanden Bush Families invite you to experience family heirloom liqueurs, passed down generation to generation. When the wild blueberry liqueur was shared with the Jetters, they fell in love with what would eventually become “BLEU Original”. These families decided to share a true infusion with you! This gift of tradition and love…..yes…..it’s BLEU!

BLEU Vodka, This age old recipe has being handed down through the Vanden Bush Family and now are here for you to enjoy these smooth vodka mixes.

What People Are Saying About BLEU

BLEU Original

Our Wild Blueberry Vodka Liqueur is a vibrant delectable flavor explosion that tantalizes the palette. Smooth, BLEU Original is great neat….referred to by customers as the “Wine Replacement”. BLEU Original is equally a mixologist dream…designing cocktails that surprise and delight! The all-natural infusion boasts ‘nothing artificial’, making BLEU Original as bold and unique as the customers who love it. A true infusion capturing every berry’s flavor in a time and tradition proven process.


Our BLEU Pel Vodka Liqueur follows the tradition of smooth, rich flavor, with both subtleties and burst of citrus. Like the warm summer sun and a smoldering winter fire, BLEU Pel’s versatile distinctions make it a first choice and a first class liqueur. Smooth on the palette, this taste sensation is limitless in the design of cocktails that are sure to become mainstays. BLEU Pel is a true infusion. Natural! Bold! Delicious!



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